Beer Beach

Sitting somewhat incongruously next door to the somewhat ugly town of Seaton is the fishing village of Beer.

Beer could almost be considered part of Seaton, indeed there is a footpath over the cliffs between the two places and if you are very careful and know what you are doing you can walk between the two places at low tide around the small headland.

Beer is frankly beautiful. You only have to pick up a Sunday paper rating the "Top 10 places/villages etc. in England" and Beer is usually there, and merited it has to be said. 

The entire lower level of the village as you enter is stunning with a mix of old and generally older properties unlike its neighbour, Seaton. No terrible village centre carbuncles have appeared, and of course, most of the buildings are listed. The whole place is, unsurprisingly, a conservation area.

Beer is a popular place to visit, especially in the summer, and the (complicated) car park is often full, but space can usually be found at the car park up on the cliff top with frankly stunning views but a (again frankly) knackering walk back up to it from the village.

The beach at Beer is one of the few places left in the UK where the fishing boats are launched directly off it, and down next to it is a shop selling "Today's Catch". Can fresher fish be bought anywhere? Literally 100 yards from where the haul was brought ashore.

Beer Jubilee Memorial Gardens

Beer Jubilee Memorial Gardens